Who are We?

We are a group of former volunteers from a Movement For A People’s Party (MPP).  As a result of our unsuccessful attempts to bring about needed reforms (i.e. creation of bylaws, financial transparency) through normal channels inside MPP, we created a petition in late October 2020 to present to the MPP Coordinating Circle (CC) in November 2020. In the process of negotiating the particulars of the petition, many of the signatories either resigned or were removed from MPP by having all our access cancelled.

What started as a small group of 60+ petitioners from across the United States, grew quickly to over 200 signatures comprising Regional Coordinators, Hub Coordinators, and other MPP volunteers.

The volunteer driven petition was presented to the MPP CC on November 10th, 2020 in an attempt to address ongoing issues within a Movement For a People’s Party. This kicked off a bizarre series of events that has resulted in false accusations being made against the petitioners group.

The petition group worked with the National Circle for two months to resolve items on the petition. During that time, the National Circle resolved some items on the petition, with a large portion still being worked on until MPP leaders announced that negotiations would now come to a halt. It was initially agreed by both sides that the existence of the petition would not be discussed outside the circle of petitioners and the MPP CC.

On January 11, Carol Ehrle, Coordinating Circle member, broke a joint mutual agreement regarding the petition. She encouraged an unconfirmed volunteer, going by the name “Default”, to re-post an inaccurate (and previously deleted) statement about the petition within the Slack workspace. Within this statement “Default”  also offered a revisionist version of activities amongst the volunteers who signed the petition. 

The petitioners responded with a written statement and presentation of an annotated petition, which was also shared within the Slack workspace on January 12 to share the truth. The annotated petition consisted of the complete text of the original petition, with notations on the progress of each item agreed to be addressed by MPP leadership. 

On January 13, a number of petitioners awoke to find their rights to all MPP platforms had been revoked, without explanation or advance notice. 

As a whole, we petitioners still believe in what the Movement For a People’s Party stands for. However, because we were not able to significantly move the needle within MPP, and because we have since been slandered and gaslit, this website has been created to share with the public the existing petition, the truth about its history, as well as our experiences during the petition process.

Region Signers
Pacific 61
New England & Mid-Atlantic 50
Midwest & South 35
Southwest 28
South Atlantic 12
Great Plains & Rocky Mountains 5
Missing 9
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