Our Statement to the Volunteers

The statement below was posted in the MPP Slack workspace by the Petition Group, addressing all MPP volunteers. on January 12, 2021.

A new major party is absolutely critical to the future of our society. The People’s Party could be that major party. Through informal connections and conversations about concerns and hopes, a petition to the National Coordinators Circle was conceived. 

On Monday, January 11, 2021, an individual publicly shared false information about the group of petitioners in the #general channel of the National Slack workspace. In previous negotiations between the petitioners’ group and the National Coordinators Circle (CC), which was moderated by representatives from the Regenerative Culture circle, it was agreed to keep discussions about the petition private. Both sides were concerned that airing the petition publicly could be damaging to MPP, which is opposite to the goal of the petition.

Though the original post containing the false information was deleted, a member of the CC requested that it be reposted. This request is a public acknowledgement of the petition and violates the standing privacy agreement.

The accusation that the petitioners’ group is a “front” for a separate organization is false. The petition was prepared and signed by some of the most active volunteers in MPP, including state, regional, and circle coordinators as well as former members of the CC. The petitioners have continued to hold meetings with the CC in good faith, most recently a five-hour conversation on December 29, 2020 with negotiations continuing.

The petition was presented to the CC on November 10, 2020. Over the course of the two months of negotiations, some petitioners grew disillusioned with the lack of significant progress in getting the CC to address the issues in the petition. Some have elected to pursue other projects. Some have left MPP entirely. No recruiting for alternative groups has been done in the MPP slack.

As is evidenced by the following document, the goal of the petitioners is to help bring about the changes that are crucial to MPP’s successful birthing of a true party of the people.

Click here to read the annotated petition, which was linked to this post.

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